About Makena


Concentrate Variety

We count between 80 and 100 varieties of concentrates at our shop. However, while variety may be the spice of life, it is quality that wins out time and again, which is why we take great pride in ensuring that our concentrates are quality products that you will want to partake of again and again. While we admire the raw cannabis plant, it is impossible to deny that what we can do with the plant through refinement is simply magical.

Professional Staff

Our staff are well-trained to ensure an enjoyable, informative, and lawful adventure through the world of concentrates we can offer you. They have extensive knowledge of the product, and more than a decade of combined experience in the marijuana industry in Colorado, ensuring we can best cater to your needs and desires.


Professional. Affordable. Superior

Makena is a Retail Marijuana Dispensary serving legal adults aged 21 and up. Here at Makena, we constantly endeavor to be your go-to dispensary for concentrates. As such, we regularly have, on hand, a wide assortment of marijuana extract products, including wax, shatter, and even live resin, all of which we offer at extremely reasonable pricing. In addition to this selection of refined products, we also carry premium, hand-trimmed cannabis, as well as a variety of edibles and topicals picked by the staff.

Our helpful and affable staff has the experience and industry training to ensure a lawful and informative adventure through the world of cannabis products. They have extensive product knowledge and over ten years of combined experience in the Colorado marijuana industry, ensuring we will be able to best cater to your specific needs. The team at Makena is happy to assist customers and takes great pride to provide patients with high-quality medication and excellent customer service at every step.

If you are searching for a place that is more than a simple dispensary, Makena should be your destination for your cannabis product needs.